Constitutional Literacy

Under this programme, CCG empowers citizens to know and defend their Constitution by promoting the rights and obligations of citizens as well as the responsibilities of leaders in a continuous constitutional literacy campaign. This is carried out through sensitizing masses on Uganda’s constitutional history and the challenges; teaching about key elements of the constitution; summarizing the Constitution and producing an abridged version that can easily be used and understood by ordinary people and translating this abridged version into seven key local languages of Runyakitara, Luganda, Lusoga, Itesot, Karomojong, Acholi and Lumasaba. CCG got an endorsement by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to operationalize Article 4 of the Constitution. CCG has also made partnerships with the Law Development Center, The Law Reform Commission and the Institute of Languages at Makerere University for collaborations on this program.

CCG has to-date published the constitutional literacy handbook as well as the “Know your Constitution” leaflet. We also distributed simplified copies of the constitution from Law Reform Commission in institutions of higher learning in Uganda. CCG has an established niche in constitutional democracy engagements through constitutional advocacy and civic engagements. CCG’s experience on both civic and voter education with youth and other citizens in the last six years has made it easier to reach out to the youth and women. CCG applies human rights based approached and build on principles of participation of the youth to further enhance her work on constitutional democracy and civic engagements. Therefore, CCG has built an acceptable brand on this and is recognized by other stakeholders and beneficiaries.