Hope Initiative Club

CCG intends to continue with her auxiliary role and niche to improve and popularize our activities with the Youths and students.

The overall goal of the Hope Initiative is transforming Uganda by providing leadership for restoring hope for the future, dignity of the people and building a responsive citizenry through Uganda’s Young Citizens.

The specific objectives of this programme include: mobilizing and building a youth movement, motivated to act for a secure productive and free Uganda; transforming political discourse and organization by focusing on citizens well being and nations integrity; mobilizing and organizing an alliance, both national and local for effective demand of more just, equitable and quality social services and to create spaces and platforms for reflection for the emergency of a generation of leaders who are civically aware and can act and demand for their rights as citizens through advocacy.

Categories of the Hope Initiatives include Associations in the Institutions of Higher Learning, Clubs in secondary schools and Community Foras for the youth outside learning institutions.
The activities of the Hope Initiative will be largely run by the youths/students themselves and with the coordination of the Guild Presidents Association of Uganda (GPAU), our Partners for the programme.

CCG hopes to expand the programme further to join youths/students in institutions of learning with those outside on a continuous basis.

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