Hope Initiatives

This is a comprehensive students and youth program in universities and higher institutions / school of learning in Uganda on civic education and constitutionalism. The primary goal of Hope Initiative program is to develop a crop of tertiary-level students who are civically competent and interested in playing a visible role in the governance processes in Uganda across regional, political, religious and social divides. The programme is institutionally supported by the Guild Presidents Association of Uganda (GPAU) which entered into partnership with CCG through an MOU for a continuous support in the Universities and tertiary institutions countrywide.

Over the years, CCG with support from Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) to date has been instrumental in mobilizing and organizing youth in universities and out of universities to build ideological confidence among the youth reaching approximately ten million students across the twenty five universities. Through the Hope Initiative program, CCG has managed to identity, train, mentor and produce youth leaders at different levels such as Youth Members of Parliament, Youth Council leaders, District Councilors, in civil society organizations and at community level. Through the voter education program, CCG’s interventions have resulted into increased youth participation in the previous general elections at different levels. This was compounded by active youth involvement during the civic education programs at the universities before the 2016 election period. CCG has built outstanding relationships with the university fraternity and the alumni network as a key step in youth engagement for effective leadership and participation in governance processes.