Institute for International Studies

CCG aims to set up an Institute for International Studies in Uganda to serve all the East African countries (covering Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan) and beyond. The Institute will be for Analysis, Policy Development, Research and Publications, Fellowships, Trainings, Internships for Leaders. It will carry out systematic analysis for advancement of regional perspectives and global insights encompassing the vision of the political, social, economic and cultural problems of today’s modern world. The Institute will also carry out an independent research institution engaged in research in international affairs.

The Institute shall produce research relevant to governance in East Africa in relation to international policy, and international development as well as other issues that transcend national boundaries and compel intellectual creativity. The Institute of International Studies will offer unique understanding of worldwide problems and the training of the next generation of leaders in diverse areas through fellowships, training and internships. This will provide information and knowledge that can bring about active and effective leadership as well as citizen participation for the promotion of democracy, good governance, accountability and development in East Africa as a Center of Excellence