Constitutional Literacy

This programme aims at empowering citizens to know and defend their Constitution by promoting the rights and obligations of citizens as well as the responsibilities of leaders in a continuous civic education campaign. This is to be carried out through summarizing the Constitution and producing an abridged version that can easily be used and understood by ordinary people and then translating this abridged version into seven key local languages of Runyakitara, Luganda, Lusoga, Itesot, Karomojong, Acholi and Lumasaba.


Preparations for the implementation of this programme involved obtaining an endorsement by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in line with the operationalising of Article 4 of the Constitution as well as building other partnerships with the Law Development Center, The Law Reform Commission and the Institute of Languages at Makerere University.


We have so far published the constitutional literacy handbook as well as the “Know your Constitution” leaflet. We also distribute simplified copies of the constitution from Law Reform Commission in institutions of higher learning in Uganda.


With increased funding, this will be scaled up to cover all districts as well as enable translations for the grassroots people.

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