Public Interest Litigation

CCG will carry out public interest litigation on matters that affect political responsiveness, accountability and social justice especially civil- political rights; media freedoms and in defence of the Constitution. This will be done through advocacy and engagement and legal representation.


It is hoped that this will bring about improved governments responsiveness to peoples demands and aspirations as well as increased access to legal services and representation for common causes and repeal of obnoxious laws that limit people’s freedom of expression or in defence of the Constitution.

Continuous Civic Education

The Strategic plan aims to promote constitutional governance in the region through continuous civic education and sensitization on rights and obligations of citizens and their leaders as well as advocacy for the promotion of human rights, good governance and rule of law.


The specific target groups under this programme include youths/students and women. These two social groups form the majority of our population and they are largely marginalized in governance issues.


It is expected that the continuous mobilizations of key sections of our population will bring about a responsive citizenry that fully understands their rights and obligations and can effectively hold their leaders accountable at all levels.

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