Report about Stockholm Civil Society Days 18-23 Sept 2017

  1. Talk to Action Aid Sweden Partners 18-19 Sept 2017

Two meetings were held with staff of Action Aid Sweden and partners on shrinking civic space in Uganda, Africa and globally, how can we launch an effective push back. (

2. Participation during the opening session of the Stockholm civil society days

Stockholm Civil Society Days is an international event for practitioners working in or with civil society organizations involved in international development cooperation. It gathered around 300 participants and was this year co-organized by CONCORD Sweden and Sida. This year´s SCSD focuses on shrinking civic space. The accelerating repression of civic freedoms and democratic space in many countries means that civil society, development cooperation and policy needs to do more, better and braver, and SCSD 2017 is the place to discuss how.

Participation, empowerment and protection – How to safeguard child and youth activism

A seminar that presented the different aspects that affect potential participation of children and youth in political processes, based on recent case studies. Particularly to consider: What are the risks that young activists face? How can donors facilitate child and youth participation? With whom does responsibility lie for their protection and safety?

3.Media statement

Article that appeared in Swedish main newspaper about M7 to amend constitution at gun point. Article condemns siege of Action Aid Uganda and GLISS Offices by Uganda Police as well as the military siege around parliament.

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